Now; when most people think of steel doors they tend to associate them with the working environment. Whilst it is true that steel doors will appear more often in a business premises than a residential one, it seems as though over the past few years more and more homeowners have woken up to the benefits of having steel doors installed in their home.

One of the reasons as to why aluminium shutters have started to be introduced to residential properties is the fact that technology has changed. Gone are the days where a steel door is nothing more than an ugly slab of metal. We are now in the days where the style of the door can be changed to suit the environment that it is placed in.

If you work with a reputable company you will most likely find that they have a number of different designs for doors that you can choose from. You will even be able to select the color of the door (steel doors can be powdered coated in just about any color that you please). When the door has been installed you will find that it looks remarkably similar to a PVC door. The benefit however is that you will be getting all of the advantages of a steel door. This includes; a more secure property that will deter thieves, fire protection, and in some cases even better draft protection than a standard door is able to provide.

Green smoothies may not look very appetising, but are a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs, and actually taste delicious. Drinking a green smoothie daily is the best way to get fruit and vegetables in to your body in the fastest, freshest way. All you need is a smoothie blender and the ingredients.

Fruit smoothies can be part of a healthy diet also, but green smoothies are full of fibre which brings many benefits. It lowers cholesterol and glucose levels, improves your body’s cleansing process and leaves you feeling full fore longer, which is great if you are trying to lose weight.


There are a huge variety of ingredients that you can put in your green smoothie, but they normally consist of leafy greens, fruit and a liquid base, sometimes with a superfood topping. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are full of important nutrients for our bodies like vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. These are all beneficial to our bodies, improving health, mood, increasing energy and boosting the immune system, and perfect if you are looking to lose weight. All ingredients will be available at any supermarket.

  • Leafy Greens-Use anything from spinach, swiss chard, kale, bak choy, romaine, collards or dandelion.
  • Fruit-Using frozen fruit can chill the smoothie to make it more enjoyable. Use grapes, berries, mango, apple, pineapple, peach, pear, orange, banana or avocado which will make your smoothie creamy without using dairy.
  • Liquid-Water is normally used, but you can also use fruit juice, coconut water, coconut milk or almond milk for extra flavours and thickness.


Like making any other smoothie, it will only take 5 minutes using a blender. Put 2 cups each of liquid and greens and blend them until there are no chunks. Then add 2 or 3 cups of fruit and blend again. You can put seeds or spices on the top for an extra kick if you choose to.

Choose from thousands of different recipes online, or just experiment yourself trying different methods and tastes. Green smoothies are perfect for a healthy breakfast or snack, and will leave you feeling full and refreshed.

Whether you are a small to medium-sized business, or even just a private individual, it’s important to ensure that your accounts and books are in order and that you are ready to prepare all of the necessary forms and records that the governing bodies require for you to be in compliance with various rules and regulations. This is no small chore for most individuals, and since the consequences for not having your paperwork in order and on time can be quite severe, you want a firm that you can depend on. Jupp Castle is just such a firm, we are the accountant Aldershot businesses and private individuals turn to when they need to keep their books in order, but don’t want the hassle and bother of doing it themselves.


If you are tired of keeping up with all of the paperwork and deadlines yourself, why not contact us today and ask us how we can help you free up your time so that you can get back to doing the things that you most enjoy, such as serving your own clients and growing your own business? There is no charge for the initial consultation, and we offer tailor made services to meet all of your professional financial service needs.

Since 98% of our new clients come from referrals, if you’ve not met with us before, you may wonder just why Jupp Castle is the expert accountant Aldershot businesses turn to when they need advice.

Jupp Castle is a well-established firm of accountants that specialise in all aspects of professional financial advice for small to medium sized businesses. When searching for an accountant, most assume that we are just another accounting firm that can handle their books and payroll for them, help them keep up with their record keeping requirements and prepare all of their tax forms – which we most certainly can do!

Our firm, however, isn’t limited to just accounting services and tax preparation. We simply aren’t like every other run of the mill accounting firm. We also have the expertise to provide a wide range of additional services, including legal services, such as wills, probate and estate planning and other financial advice that is tailor made for your specific needs and goals. This is why the Jupp Castle team is the expert accountant Aldershot businesses turn to whenever they need professional financial advice. Our integrity, extensive knowledge and experience as well as wide range of services that we offer set us apart from all of the rest.


Since the initial consultation is free, why not contact us today and let us show you just how different we are from other accounting firms and bookkeeping services?

Nothing adds beauty and class to a home quiet like a set of stunning doors. Doors throughout the home can add to or take away from the theme you want to display in a room.

door1You can take a regular boring room and add a beautiful set of bi-fold patio doors and turn what once was dull into now spectacular. Slimline Bi-folding doors are customers number one choice in retractable doors.

Whether you choose to add them as a room divider or as a full patio system, bi-folding doors can make magic happen. Patio doors do more than add class to a room they also allow sunshine in making any room shine with natural beauty.

New technology in the manufacturing business has worked its magic in the production of bi-fold glass doors. Today bi-folding doors can be installed inside and out and make wonderful dividers as patio doors or between rooms.


Bi-folding patio doors are being used in many creative ways. Whether they are for home entry doors, room dividers or other commercial and residential uses, they make every area look dynamic.

By installing new doors, you are adding efficiency to your home by lowering your heating and cooling bills. Customized glass doors are made to order guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

Bi-folding and frameless glass doors aren’t made just for homes. Office buildings are now seeking to add appeal to their spaces by adding a sharper look to their design.

This new look has become a growing trend in commercial construction and were merging with homeowners adding the bi-fold or frameless doors with their decor.

Bulky designs are a thing of the past as bi-folding doors have moved up the ladder of choices in homes and offices. Adding to any room, a calming, relaxed feeling along with being designed to function with ease.
Bi-fold doors work just like the curtains except without having the dullness of struggling to open and close. Other than no longer having bulky frames, are there any other benefits to having frameless doors installed?

Of course, there are, but let’s talk about the frameless part first. No longer having to see around bulky frames, occupants get a clear scenic view from every angle.

door3If you choose to go with the Slimline frame what you will achieve is a long lasting, reliable design due to having fewer moving parts that wear out fast.
Having the installation completed by a professional installer means your doors will last longer and work properly for many years.

There are many options to choose if you are interested in applying Bi-fold patio doors to your home or office. Whether your interest is in frameless glass doors or other styles, adding a classy style will change the dynamics of every room.

Glazing has become an attractive addition to the already stunning glass doors. Businesses and homes will benefit from installing double glazed doors. Benefits like extra weather protection, whether indoors or out is just one reason to add the proper doors to your office or home.

The longevity for homes in urban and coastal regions are just a few examples of the positive factors glazed doors can add to your home. Frameless glass patio doors are thermally extra efficient as well as providing a stronger foundation for your office or home.

Adding bi-fold patio doors into your plan for new construction or remodeling is not just a wise move cosmetically, but you are also providing energy savings as well. With the many varieties available today, finding the perfect match for your design should be a simple task.

Decorating kitchen is not something people do very often .So when you decide to design or renovate your kitchen its essential to select the right things so that it lasts longer and you enjoy cooking there for many more years to come. The main hub of any house is the kitchen and it’s important to maintain a pleasant environment in there. Along with decorating kitchen we should make sure that the kitchen is functional too. After deciding to remodel the kitchen we must also think of some important concepts like budget, multi functionality and practicality.

remodelling12Kitchen remodeling tips


Kitchen deco can be an expensive task if a proper budget is not set .It important to prioritize the areas accordingly so that money is not wasted unnecessarily. For example if your budget is less then you can only make the necessary changes your kitchen requires. It’s not necessary to remove the windows or doors the best thing one can do to bring change in the kitchen are to change the lights. After that you can gradually keep updating as and when required. But if your budget is good enough then go ahead and remodel it stylishly without hesitation.

Theme and colors

Some people like to keep their kitchen neat, decent and less colorful where as some like vibrant colors to make the kitchen look lively. But a proper theme for the kitchen should be in sync with the theme and design of the house. The paint color of the kitchen should blend with the overall home’s paint color. You can take professional help by assigning an interior designer so that the floor, lighting, sink and accessories should complement the overall theme of the house.

Kitchen lights

When decorating the kitchen, lights is an important factor which should not be left out. These days Lids are in fashion and they are a better option than colored fluorescent lights in the kitchen. Instead of putting four bulbs or tube lights is a smart move to put two Lids in the kitchen, they help to decrease the light consumption which makes them less expensive. Make use of the Lids under the cabinets and the counter tops where most of the work is done.

Cabinet and counter tops
For cabinets and countertops materials marble and granite are the best. Another material which is commonly used is the ceramic tiles which come in different finishes, colors, designs and shapes. You can buy the material according to your need, requirement and budget.

There are endless ideas when it comes to kitchen flooring. Good and proper kitchen flooring should complement the rest of your home’s flooring and the theme of the kitchen materials like the doors windows etc. Things like Tiles in various designs and styles, wooden flooring, carpets in different materials are all suitable for kitchen flooring.

Bring life to your kitchen deco by being creative, put in a little commitment and effort to see your kitchen lively and attractive.

These days everyone is so busy with the daily humdrum of their lives that they often forget about home maintenance. Home is a place which showcases your life and personality, it’s a place where you spend the maximum time of your life with your family therefore one needs to make sure that their home is appealing and well maintained. Just like your vehicle, your clothes, your body needs maintenance same way home maintenance is essential too. home34Maintaining home is like an investment which people make, so instead of investing a huge amount once you should hire professional people who will check your place from time to time and keep it well maintained. This is known as preventive maintenance which will help in avoiding repairs, save energy and time along with extension of life span of the home.
Why is home maintenance important?
Regular home maintenance is very important because it saves lot of time, money and energy. Regular inspection of the house can help you to overcome certain problems like leakages from the wall, cracks on the wall etc. The fault is repaired immediately before it gets worst. Regular maintenance of the house can be done in a lower cost because the material requirement in this case is less and so the investment is lesser too. Home makers should make sure that they hire professional help so that their house is always well maintained.
Tips for home maintenance
• The most essential part of the house is the roof .It should be inspected well and repaired regularly. The electric wire should be well tucked if they are passing from the roof .Tree branches should be away from the roof.
home35• The drainage system and the gutter should be checked just in case they are blocked or leaking because of rust.
• Home walls should be inspected, check if there are any cracks which are separating the walls. Those should be filled and repaired immediately. If the wall is of wood then it should be checked for loose boards.
• Inspect all the doors and windows of the house whether they need to be replaced or not especially doors made of glass.
• Chimney should be checked if its rusted, or missing the rain shade cap.
• To avoid sudden current electrical connections should be taken care of by the electrician. The electrician must inspect that the fuses are in place or not, the earth cables are properly wired, and there should be no loose cables hanging round the place .All the wired should be in their respective sockets and terminals.
• The plumber must make sure that the pipes are not leaking .There should be no blockage on the drainage system of the house and toilets should also be inspected on regular basis.
• The heating and the cooling system of the house are used seasonally after a long gap therefore the technician should check thoroughly that none of the equipment has leakage problem.
Try the perfect home maintenance tips to bring extra shine and comfort to your sweet home.